Disaster Relief Exemption

As explained in the video above, if you have recently sustained damage to your property as the result of a calamity, such as accident, fire, earthquake or flood, you may qualify for property tax relief under Revenue & Taxation Code Section 170.

To qualify for property tax relief under Section 170, damage to the taxable property must be at least $10,000 and a disaster relief form must be filed with the Assessor within 12 months of the date of loss.

Please note that personal effects, household furnishings and business inventories are not assessable property.

Qualifying tax relief is given regardless of any insurance compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the same land value allocation be used to value the remaining land after disaster?

Your land value allocation will remain unchanged. If you disagree with the allocation, please contact the Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board and inquire about filing an Assessment Appeal Application form to appeal the land value allocation.