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Use the form below to look up property characteristics and values for any property in Ventura County. Fill out either the APN (Assessor's Parcel Number) OR the street address.

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  • When searching for an address, enter as little information as possible.
    For example, if you are looking for 92993 West Calle La Sombra Street , just enter 92993 in the Street Number field and calle in the street name field
  • You can enter in partial street numbers or names to get a list of addresses to choose from
  • Use a city name to narrow down your search
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(Based on Revenue and Taxation Code section 408.3, subdivision (d))

Information concerning property characteristics is maintained solely for assessment purposes and is not continuously updated by the Assessor. Therefore, neither the County nor the Assessor can be held liable for errors, omissions, or approximations with respect to the data being displayed on this webpage.

Any parcel's data is subject to change based on reappraisable events discovered during the annual assessment process.