Informal decline in value review

Section 51 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code provides that the assessed value of any property shall not exceed its full market value on the January 1 lien date each year. If you disagree with the Assessor’s value determination and have evidence that the full market value of your property on January 1, 2024 is less than your assessed value, you have the right to request an informal review with the Assessor’s Office. You also have the right to file an Assessment Appeal Application with the Clerk of the Board’s office during the official filing period to formally appeal your assessment.

Use the form below to request the Assessor to complete an information review of your properties assessment.

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Section 1: Identification of Property

Section 2: Your Opinion of the market value as of January 1, 2024

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Section 3: Owner requesting Informal Review

1 If agent, please file paper form with agent authorization
This request for informal review with the Assessor’s office is not an assessment appeal.
The Assessor’s Office will make every effort to timely review this request for informal review, however in some cases reviews may not be completed prior to the September 15th deadline to formally appeal the assessment, and/or the review may not result in the outcome you seek. To protect your rights, file an application to formally appeal your assessment with the Clerk of the Board’s Office. To obtain this application, contact the Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board at (805) 654-2251. Formal applications for the 2024 assessment must be filed between July 2 and September 15, 2024.
This request for informal review does not change, invalidate, defer, or postpone a tax bill or tax payment date. If a tax payment is not made by the delinquent date printed on the bill from the Tax Collector, penalties and interest may be applied.
The Assessor’s Office will mail a written response notifying you of the results of your informal review.