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Sometimes assessments and property values can be a complicated process. In the course of your dealings with the Assessors Office, you are bound to have some questions. Choose from the topics below to access questions dealing with that topic. If you wish to see all the questions, choose all questions.

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Do I need to notify my mortgage company, if my property taxes are paid through an impound account?

Yes. Please contact your mortgage company immediately for guidance on how your lender will handle the payment of your property taxes and the subsequent revision to the balance due.

If I already mailed my property tax payment but the check has not cleared my account, will the Tax Collector cash my check?

Please contact the Tax Collector by sending an email to or call 805-654-3744, stating that you recently sent a tax payment on a home or structure that was destroyed by fire. Include the following information in your email:

  • Your name
  • Assessor Parcel Number (APN)
  • Property address
  • Date payment was mailed
  • Check number
  • Amount of payment
If my property was affected by the disaster, how will the assessor and tax collector know where to send the new tax bill and other correspondence?

Please fill out a Change of Mailing Address form. You can also download one on the assessor's website.

When will new tax bills be issued that reflect the loss in value of my property?

After you receive the “Notice of Correction to the 601 Assessment Roll” from the County Assessor informing you of the proposed reassessment, a new tax bill reflecting the reduction in value will be issued by the County Tax Collector within approximately 45 days of that notice.