Ranch Fire Assessment Information

Updated 10/23/07

Section 170 of the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of California and Ventura County Ordinance No. 3606 contain provisions for reassessment of property damaged or destroyed by misfortune or calamity which was caused without fault of the owner. Under the law, any person owning property appearing on the assessment roll, which suffered damage of $10,000 or more, may apply to the Assessor for reassessment
within 12 months of the damage. Damage to commercial/agricultural orchards is limited to the trees only since the crops are not assessed.

Governor: State of emergency for both fire and wind damage

When the Governor declares a state of emergency in a calamity event, legislation provides the owners of real property, who file a claim for reassessment on or before the next property tax installment payment date, may also apply to the Tax Collector to defer their property tax payment.

If either of the forms are initiated through this website, they should be printed, completed, signed and returned to the office noted on the respective forms.