2023-24 Assessment Roll

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

VENTURA, Calif. – On Wednesday, June 28, County Assessor Keith Taylor completed his first certification and delivery of Ventura County’s Annual Assessment Roll since being elected Assessor in June 2022. The County’s $171.7 billion Property Assessment Roll was delivered to Auditor-Controller Jeff Burgh for the calculation of the tax bills.

The majority of properties received the 2% increase established under Prop 13 when it was passed by the voters in 1978, however, properties with new construction may see a larger increase based on the enrolled value.

“Even though the total assessed value in the County increased for this year, we also administered over $5.8 billion in exemptions on qualified properties on the roll, an increase of 6% over last year,” said Taylor. “These tax saving exemptions were applied to qualified disabled veterans, hospitals, churches, colleges, museums, and non-profit organizations including properties with low-income housing.”

By the end of July, the Assessor’s Office will send out approximately 250,000 assessed value notices to Ventura County property owners. If a property owner thinks the market value of their property (on Jan 1, 2023) is less than the assessed value on the notice, they can request the Assessor’s Office perform an informal review of their value, for free.

For questions about the value notice or to request an informal review of your assessed values, please visit the website at assessor.countyofventura.org or contact Assessor staff at (805) 654-2181. Assessment Appeal Applications can be filed with the Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board between July 2 and September 15 by calling (805) 654-2251 or by visiting ventura.org/cob/aab.