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California tax law directs the Assessor to discover, inventory and assess property for tax purposes and to keep a public record of this information. Information available to homeowners and others includes: property ownership, the value of the property according to assessment rolls, the physical characteristics of the property, information about transactions concerning the property, and parcel maps showing its location and boundaries within the community.

The office of the Assessor provides this information to the public. Property Ownership, Assessed Valuation, and Assessor map information is available for public viewing at the Assessor Department customer service counter, first floor, Hall of Administration, 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura. Our office hours are daily 8 am to 5 pm.

Public information pertaining to property values, characteristics, ownership, recent transfers, maps, and other forms of information can also be purchased from the Assessor. Call us at (805) 654-2181; visit our Public Counter; write to Ventura County Assessor's Office, 800 South Victoria Avenue, CA 93003; or via e-mail our office. Postage and handling charges will be added to all mail orders. Assessor's staff can provide current assessed values over the phone for up to a maximum of three properties. Please provide an address and/or a parcel number for telephone inquiries.

Some specific assessment information regarding property values and taxes are available via the Property Tax Web page.  Assessor Maps can be accessed on line at the Assessor’s Map page.

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