Notification of Assessment

The Assessor usually mails out the annual Notification of Assessment the last week of July.

If you have not received your notice by August 7, please contact the Assessor's Office so we can send you out a replacement.

If you received a Notification of Assessment and have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us. When contacting us, please provide your parcel number located at the top of the notice.

Notice Types

Governor Declared Disaster

The governor declared disaster change assessment value notice applies to all parcels that are still covered by a calamity exemption claim. The value your taxes will be based on are shown in the Taxable Value section.

January 1st Value Notice

This notice goes out to owners of parcels whose assessed value is below the market value. See the decline in value page for more information.

Formerly Low Value

This notice is for parcels that were on the low value ordinance (value under $5,000 for unsecured, under $10,000 for secured). The value has now gone over that level.

Land Conservation Act

Notices that go out for parcels that are under the land conservarion act (LCA).