Supplemental Notices

When the Assessor's Office reappraises your property due to a change in ownership or new construction, the reappraisal may result in the issuance of a supplemental tax bill. If the new assessed value is greater than the previous taxable value, the result will be a one-time bill for the increase in value. However, if the new assessed value is lower than the previous taxable value, it will result in a one-time supplemental refund.

It is important to understand that supplemental tax bills are in addition to the regular annual tax bill and are mailed directly to the owner of the property. Unlike the annual property tax bills, lending agencies do not receive the original or a copy of the supplemental tax bill.

These bills are the responsibility of the owner even if the regular annual property taxes are normally paid by a lender through an impound account. Do not presume that your lender will automatically pay these types of bills.