Fee Schedule

Specific items are available from the Ventura County Assessor free of charge. When custom services are required however, there is a fee. See the table below for the current schedule of fees.


NDA Required


Black and white copy* $0.035/pg
Color Copy* $0.105/pg
Secured Roll Data
Includes 100+ data fields available electronically
Unsecured Roll Data
Includes 35+ data fields available electronically
Roll Being Prepared - Update Services
Updates requested can be for the entire county of can be made specific to a geographical area or fund number.
Eleven monthly updates of the Assessor's Secured Roll are available for changes occurring July thru May.
Special Requests
Special ad hoc reports requiring customized programming and/or querying of Assessor's database
Assessor Parcel Maps (PDF)
The complete set of over 7500 Assessor's Parcel Maps countywide.
Map Update Services (PDF)
Three quarterly updates of all changes made to Assessor's maps. The Assessor's update to the catalog of changes is also included.
Name Index
The name index is a list of owners names, mailing addresses and TRAs of every parcel in Ventura County and is sorted alphabetically by owner's last names.
Sales History Transaction Report
A historical two-year period of sales including indicated sales price (updated quarterly)
* Note: No charge if total is less than $10 including cost of copies, storage media, and shipping.