Assessment Resources

Assessment resources represent five areas that comprise the majority of questions that come to our public service staff.

If you are a homeowner
If you have remodeled your home
If you own a manufactured home
If you own a business
If you have bought or sold property
If you own a boat or aircraft

In these pages are explanations about the most common property tax programs for homeowners, whether it’s a single-family dwelling, condominium, or a manufactured home.  The section on buying and selling property helps with assessment questions regarding owning and selling real estate. 

In the area of “If you own a business” there’s information regarding the assessment of Business Personal Property.  Businesses are assessed each year and are required to submit statements on the costs of supplies, fixtures, leasehold equipment, land and land improvements and structures owned in the course of their business. 

Boats and aircraft are also assessed annually and there is a separate section providing specific assessment information.