About The Assessor

What the Assessor Does:

Under the California Constitution and the Revenue and Taxation Code, the Assessor has the following responsibilities:

  • Locate all taxable property within Ventura County
  • Identify the person who owns, claims, possesses, or controls property on the Lien Date (R&T § 405).
  • Establish the assessed value of all taxable property in accordance with the law.
  • Publish both an annual and supplemental assessment rolls.

What the Assessor Does Not Do:

  • The Assessor does not establish tax rates
  • The Assessor does not issue tax bills
  • The Assessor does not collect or refund taxes
  • The Assessor does not determine special assessment or maintenance district fees

Other Areas of Responsibility for the Assessor:

Getting Specific Answers for your Questions

You may visit our office located at the Ventura County Government Center, Hall of Administration Building (HOA)

800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura CA 93009-1270

phone: (805) 654-2181
fax: (805) 645-1305

You may also contact us by email.

Agencies Frequently Used by the Assessor's Office

Assessment Appeals Board (AAB): Three person appointed board that presides over Assessment Appeal Hearings in Ventura County.

California State Board of Equalization (SBE or BOE): State agency that oversees and assists in the application of Property Tax Law by each County Assessor’s Office.

Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of California (R & T): Codified Laws that define and explain the application of Proposition 13 for the entire state.

California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD): State agency that, among other things, oversees the registration of Manufactured Homes.